Month: June 2019

3D Shoot Scores Posted!

The shoot scores have been posted from June 22/23rd.  You can view them on our “Events” page!  Thank you to all the archers who came out to the shoot!  You guys are awesome 🙂

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Be aware of wildlife at Outdoor Range

On the weekend of our 3D shoot, an Antelope 3D target in A loop was “attacked” by what would appear to be a cougar based on claw/bite marks.  We want to remind members that wildlife is always present at the outdoor range, and to be careful in that regards.

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Range Clean Up

We are in the process of cleaning up the range and getting rid of a lot of old garbage.  A huge “Thank You” to Lyle at Calahoo Waste for accommodating our needs and providing the necessary dumpsters for us to use on short notice!

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Static Range Update

New 4’x4′ static range targets have been fully installed!  Please note that all targets have been covered with a heavy duty tarp to protect them from the sun and weather.  These tarps are easy to flip back out of the way before shooting at the targets.  Members are asked to ensure the tarps are set

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