Junior Program

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JUNIOR PROGRAM – By Coach Leon Lemoine

Wow! What can I say!! The 2022 Junior Youth Archery Program has come and gone so fast.  Registration filled up quickly in early March 2022, with the majority of students returning from 2021.  Registration continued to flow in with new students bringing the number of students from 19 in 2021 to 45 in 2022.  This didn’t come without stress and concerns.  Firstly, I was worried I was not going to have enough equipment to fill the demand.  

Thank you to Parkland Bowbenders who purchased an additional 14 bows for the junior program to ensure all archers were equipped.  Then came the challenge of coaching 45 students effectively.  Well, thanks to the awesome archery community I had two very knowledgeable and fantastic shooters assist me for the season.  I would like to send out a very special thank you to Naython Fleet and Clayton Fleet for their assistance this year.  This large group was then split into two separate nights making it possible to instruct each student.  

Lessons began in early May with the archers learning the basics, with safety being the forefront of each lesson.  We started with building their base, grip, anchoring, front shoulder, release hand and so on, and continued building on a process to be consistent with every shot.  Throughout the summer the students learned proper terminology for the various bow parts, as well as touching on some equipment maintenance.  

Approximately halfway through the season we hosted a fun night consisting of archery games such as shooting by colors and popping candy filled balloons for the younger archers, and battleship and a card count game for the older archers.  

As the archers progressed they built confidence and accuracy.  We then introduced them to 3D targets which I believe was a hit. 

Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end.  The last week in August we had awards and an archer/family BBQ.  Some board members were also in attendance.  At this time we awarded each archer with a certificate and a club gift.  

Another addition this year was the Coach’s Choice Award.  This trophy was awarded to an archer who demonstrated the willingness to listen, learn, and improve as well as manners and attendance – all the attributes an archer should have.  There were many students this year that deserved this trophy, but it was unanimous by all three coaches that the award should go to Mason Bodewitz!  Congratulations Mason!

Now on to the 2023 season which I have already started to plan. This season I am considering a second fun night, individual assessments and possibly more learning tools. Heck, I enjoyed 2021 & 2022 so much I may extend the season another month! 

Also, for those archers who are considering 18 metre tournaments, I will be running a mock tournament with timers and judges. I hope all you archers are getting excited for the 2023 season because I know I am! So please tell a friend about our club’s junior program, as I will be accepting new registrations in early March.  Watch the website for updates! 

Thanks, and hope to see you all on the range.

P.S. For you beginner adults who might want to learn, keep an eye open as something may be coming for you soon! (equipment not supplied).

Coach Leon

The Junior Program will resume in spring 2024, and members interested in joining can contact Leon at “archerynut2020@gmail.com” with the following information regarding your child.  **Note** You must be a current 2024 Parkland Bowbenders member to register in the 2024 Junior Program.  

Include the following information in your email:
– Shooters Name and Date of Birth
– Do you have your own archery equipment?
– Eye dominance (if known)?
– Guardians Name
– Phone Number
– Email


Please note that the Static Range is closed to club members when the Junior Program is being taught.  Members can still shoot on the 3D loops on Junior Program evenings. Thank you for your understanding!  Updates to schedule should be made by Sunday night.