Junior Program

The 2024 Junior Program has filled up quickly and we are no longer accepting junior applications. We are excited to start the 2024 season.

**You must be a current 2024 Parkland Bowbenders member to register in the 2024 Junior Program.  

Please note that the Static Range is closed to club members when the Junior Program is being taught.  Members can still shoot on the 3D loops on Junior Program evenings. Thank you for your understanding!  Updates to schedule will be made each Sunday for the following week.

JUNIOR PROGRAM – By Coach Leon Lemoine

The Junior Archery Program will start early spring once the static range has dried up – usually early May.  The program runs to the 2nd last week of August.  Unfortunately, I am a shift worker so the week-night lessons may change from week to week.

Archers will be divided and assigned to groups.  I send an email out every weekend prior to the lesson informing each archer of the evening their group lesson will fall on.  If the archer cannot make the assigned day for that week they are more than welcome to join the other group for that week but we ask that you let us know so we can plan accordingly.  If needed the club will supply a choice of Genesis, compound or recurve bows (depending on experience).

As for lessons, we will cover; safety, parts of a bow, how to inspect a bow and basic skills, such as, stance, grip, form (alignment), release, follow through etc.  During the time of the program the archers will be introduced to paper targets, 3D targets and scoring.  Usually the first week of summer we have a fun day that will consist of archery games like: Battleship, Run of the ladder, Around the World, Balloon popping (with candy) etc. We will have one week set aside for a Mock FITA tournament at a different location.  This will be limited to only 20 archers who may be interested in competing.  We will also do a few 3D rounds, which the archers really enjoy. 

At the end of the season we will have a family BBQ with gifts and awards, all supplied by the club.

As I mentioned, lessons will be weekly on weekday nights starting at 6:30 PM.  It is ok if the archer needs to miss that week or move to a different evening as we reiterate what they have learned from the prior weeks. We do supply loaner equipment for those that may need it, but equipment is limited to first come first served.  Once assigned, it is up to the archers to take care of it for the remainder of the program.  This way they can come on their own time to practice or shoot the 3D loops.
The club is located approximately 15 mins west of St. Albert and 10 mins North of Stony Plain/Spruce Grove.  As for the cost of the lessons they are free to members of Parkland Bowbenders.  Prices for memberships can be located on their website under memberships.
If you have any questions contact me by email: archerynut2020@gmail.com
Registration will open February 15/2024
Registration will not be accepted until a membership has been acquired. When registering with me for the Junior Program please include the following information: Archers name, date of birth, left or right eye dominance (if known), guardians name, phone #, email address and do they have their own equipment.
– Coach Leon